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“Clean Water” Lawyers Clean Out Colfax

Lawyers trying to clean out Colfax

Colfax Record, 6/10/10

Bruce Kranz, Colfax City Manager

On May 12, the Colfax City Council unanimously declared the city faced unreasonable hardship, even bankruptcy, if it were not allowed to make installment payments on massive monetary judgments impending against the city.

The citizens and taxpayers of Colfax deserve to […]

Leaping Lizards: Absurd Science of ESA; Update 2011

Whackos-Leaping Lizards Sac Union, Aug 20, 1990, A-2.

The Department of Fish and Game is considering banning all off-road vehicles from thousands of miles of Southern California Desert. It seems that a study shows that dirt bikes destroy the hearing of desert critters. This study and others helped advance a lizard’s status to that of […]

Song: Where Have All the Commies Gone

Parody of Pete Seeger’s “Where have all the flowers gone.” Copyright 2003 Roger Canfield

Where have all the commies gone? Long time passing. Where have all the commies gone? Long time ago.

Where have all the commies gone? The liberals kissed them ev’ry one. Oh, when will you ever learn? Oh, when will you ever […]

Origins: Environmentalism, Big Green, Corporate Capitalism, Occupy Wall Street

Toxic Politics of Big Green Initiative: Hayden and Fonda, 1989-90.

The origins of the President Obama’s green agenda now cutting across many federal agencies can be found in substantial part in California from 1990 to the present, e.g. Big Green Initiative and its successors.

Similarly, the sentiments of Occupy Wall Street in 2011 can also […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Bad Record of a Bad Governor

Arnold one year later: though Arnold Schwarzenegger gained public office through a popular appeal labeling him as frugal and moderate, his first year in office shows that he is neither, New American, The / Jan 10, 2005 [He got no better therafter]

by Roger Canfield

In the fall of 2003, Californians cast an historic vote. […]

Power from the Sun: Big Red, Little Green; Jerry Brown, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda

Excerpts from an unpublished political biography of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden.

Copyright Roger Canfield 2011

Solyndra, the Prequal,

After decades (1984-2010) in the wilderness of National Public Radio and Oakland California, in 2010 Jerry Brown, 72, was reelected, really resurrected, as Governor of California where the past is often […]

Dam Busters in California: Manmade Droughts, Unemployment

California Has Water, Water Everywhere…

[This is a shameful collection and rewrite of Tom McClintock’s thoughts on water. All errors of fact and imprudent language are mineI am Roger Canfield, a former campaign aide, a former public information officer for the California Department of Water Resources and a volunteer for the Auburn Dam Council. […]

Auburn Dam: History & Consequences

Auburn Dam: Our Future,

Roger Canfield, Auburn Dam Council,

S AC R A M E N T O H I S T O R Y : J OU R N A L of T H E S A C R A M E N T O C O U […]