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Stealth Invasion: Red Chinese Maritime Operations in North America (2001)

[Editor: This is a summary of the author’s book which may be purchased for $5 at rogercan@pacbell.net. Stealth Invasion was one of the first works to warn of the rising of Red Chinese naval power and the vulnerability of the American homeland prior to 9/11/201. Today China flexes its muscles in the waters of its […]

Terror in China

Terror in Chinatown by Roger Canfield, (originally in New American, April 17, 2006 President Bush calls Communist China a “partner” in the war on terror, but some Chinese Americans are accusing China of bringing its own terror campaign to the USA. Roger Canfield, Ph.D., the author of China’s Trojan Horses, is an associate editor […]

Reviews of China’s Trojan Horses: Red Chinese Soldiers, Sailors, Students, scientists and Spies Occupy America’s Homeland

REVIEWS: “…The so-called ‘Stealth Invasion’ by ‘Red China [is] false and groundless… absurd…farce…” Wang Yunxiang, Consul General, People’s Republic of China.

“After living and working in China/Taiwan for many years never a truer work was written… .” Jeffrey Caddel, nat’l security advisor, Parliament, Canadian Alliance.

“Brilliant. …The world’s expert on the topic. An incredible […]

Charles Lee: US Citizen Tortured, Reveals Communist Chinese Brutality

Torture Survivor Tells His Story Interview of Dr. Charles Lee by Roger Canfield


Roger Canfield, Ph.D., the author of China’s Trojan Horses, is an associate editor for Military Magazine.

Dr. Charles Lee of San Francisco, California, was released on January 21, 2006 from a three-year ordeal in […]