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China’s Trojan Horses

China’s Trojan Horses

Red Chinese Soldiers, Sailors, Students, Scientists and Spies Occupy America’s Homeland

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“…The so-called ‘Stealth Invasion’ by ‘Red
China [is] false and groundless… absurd…farce…”
Wang Yunxiang, Consul General, People’s Republic of China.

“After living and working in China/Taiwan for many years
never a truer work was written… .”
Jeffrey Caddel, nat’l security advisor,
Parliament, Canadian Alliance.

“Brilliant. …The world’s expert on the topic. An
incredible amount of research. An objective description of the China threat.”

Brian MacAdam, an author of the Mounties Sidewinder report on Chinese espionage in

“A wakeup call. …A must read for all Americans.” Clive Cussler, best
selling adventure novelist and a discoverer of the Hunley, confederate

“Impressive.” Vic Rollandi, maritime, Reserve Officer,
Office of Naval Intelligence.

“Accurate… and of continuing interest.” Sonny Fong, security

“Chinese spies are all around America. …The
FBI and CIA know this. It is an open secret.”
— Harry Wu, Chinese human rights advocate.

About author’s book Stealth Invasion (over
300,000 in circulation):

“It’s really very scary…God bless you.” Jane Russell, film star and patriot.

About author’s (and Richard Delgaudio’s), China
(over 700,000 in distribution):

“Congratulations…you are a patriot and a
great American.”
Judge William P. Clark, Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor to President Ronald W.

“Keep up the good work.” Johnny Chung, convicted Chinagate figure,
government witness, and patriot reborn.

About Roger Canfield:

“We…are grateful for your efforts in fighting
Communism and helping us to restore democracy in Nicaragua.” —
Luis Wong, Nicaraguan Ambassador to the free Republic of China [on Taiwan].

About “What Red China Got for its Money”: “Xenophobic,
racist flavor. …Puts the Scare back in Red China.”
Robert Gunnison, San Francisco Chronicle.