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Vietnam in HD: Barry Romo, Hanoi Agent? w/ postwar UPDATE

Comrades—Barry Romo Barry Romo was a major commentator on the History Channel’s “Vietnam in (High Definition)—HD.” The viewer is informed that Romo came home to toss his war medals and join the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, VVAW. That account is incomplete. In “Vietnam-HD” Barry Romo was falsely identified as a spokesman for American veterans […]

Reviews–Comrades in Arms: How Americong Won the War in Vietnam Against the Common Enemy–America

Completely SEARCHABLE for any name, date, place or event of the Vietnam War and its antiwar and peace protesters.

“This guy’s stuff is awesome. Fascinating. Incredible. Every Vietnam vet should have a copy. A great service for this country and the cause of freedom.”” LT. COL ROBERT K. BROWN, publisher, Soldier of Fortune, Capt. Army […]