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Mỹ-cộng đã chiến thắng trong cuộc chiến VN như thế nào

Một quyển sách của tiến sĩ Roger Canfield vừa được ra mắt ở Mỹ đã đưa ra một cái nhìn khác, khá thú vị, về kết cục của chiến tranh Việt Nam.


Sorley on Westmoreland: Loss of Vietnam War, NOT!

Lewis Sorley, Westmoreland: The General Who Lost the Vietnam War. NOT!

By Roger Canfield

We are forever grateful to Lew Sorley for reminding us in a Better War that the war in Indochina was a strategic battle in the Cold War fought well for honorable purposes. Lew Sorley is surely on that very short list […]

Phoenix: Moral & Effective Counterinsugency

Comrades—Phoenix: An Untold USA Success is Hanoi’s Propaganda Victory

In the end, Mark Moyar, author of the definitive work on the Phoenix pacification program, writes, “The Government of Vietnam had won the struggle for control over rural South Vietnam and the allegiance of its inhabitants, but it lost the war.”[1]

Conventional histories tell another story […]

Vietnam in HD: Barry Romo, Hanoi Agent? w/ postwar UPDATE

Comrades—Barry Romo Barry Romo was a major commentator on the History Channel’s “Vietnam in (High Definition)—HD.” The viewer is informed that Romo came home to toss his war medals and join the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, VVAW. That account is incomplete. In “Vietnam-HD” Barry Romo was falsely identified as a spokesman for American veterans […]

Kent State: The Rest of the Story

Students Killed at Kent State and Jackson State New Perspectives Poorly understood and historically distorted events at Kent State in April 1970 turned millions against the war. Ohio National Guardsmen killed four students and wounded nine without readily apparent reason. Kent State became another exemplar of how the U.S. government was conducting a uniquely illegal […]

The True Story of “Christmas” Bombing, N. Vietnam 1972

The Christmas Bombings of Hanoi, North Vietnam.

During the Vietnam War on December 11, 1972 Anniversary Tours, a Communist Party-USA owned travel agency, booked Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, flights out of JFK Airport bound for Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Among its passengers were folksinger Joan Baez, the Episcopal Rev. Michael Allen of Yale Divinity, Barry Romo of […]

Song: Where Have All the Commies Gone

Parody of Pete Seeger’s “Where have all the flowers gone.” Copyright 2003 Roger Canfield

Where have all the commies gone? Long time passing. Where have all the commies gone? Long time ago.

Where have all the commies gone? The liberals kissed them ev’ry one. Oh, when will you ever learn? Oh, when will you ever […]

Power from the Sun: Big Red, Little Green; Jerry Brown, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda

Excerpts from an unpublished political biography of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden.

Copyright Roger Canfield 2011

Solyndra, the Prequal,

After decades (1984-2010) in the wilderness of National Public Radio and Oakland California, in 2010 Jerry Brown, 72, was reelected, really resurrected, as Governor of California where the past is often […]

Peace Politics and Military Strategy: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq & China

Peace Politics and Military Strategy: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and China.

By Dr. Roger Canfield, Presented at Vietnam Symposium, Vietnam Center, Texas Tech, March 10-12, 2011.

Adapted from Comrades in Arms: How the Americong Won the War in Vietnam Against the Common Enemy—America. Copyright Roger Canfield, 2011. www.americong.com

History of Peace Movement in Vietnam […]

Peace Liberation Propaganda Vietnam

The “Peace” Movement and the “Liberation” of South Vietnam. By Roger Canfield, Adapted and excerpted from Comrades in Arms: How the Ameri-Cong Won the Vietnam War Against the Common Enemy—America. Copyright 1988-2010. www.americong.com Saigon Arts Culture & Education Institute, September 25, 2010, Tysons Corner, VA This is a sample of the complex history of […]