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Sorley on Westmoreland: Loss of Vietnam War, NOT!

Lewis Sorley, Westmoreland: The General Who Lost the Vietnam War. NOT!

By Roger Canfield

We are forever grateful to Lew Sorley for reminding us in a Better War that the war in Indochina was a strategic battle in the Cold War fought well for honorable purposes. Lew Sorley is surely on that very short list […]

Phoenix: Moral & Effective Counterinsugency

Comrades—Phoenix: An Untold USA Success is Hanoi’s Propaganda Victory

In the end, Mark Moyar, author of the definitive work on the Phoenix pacification program, writes, “The Government of Vietnam had won the struggle for control over rural South Vietnam and the allegiance of its inhabitants, but it lost the war.”[1]

Conventional histories tell another story […]

Reviews–Comrades in Arms: How Americong Won the War in Vietnam Against the Common Enemy–America

Completely SEARCHABLE for any name, date, place or event of the Vietnam War and its antiwar and peace protesters.

“This guy’s stuff is awesome. Fascinating. Incredible. Every Vietnam vet should have a copy. A great service for this country and the cause of freedom.”” LT. COL ROBERT K. BROWN, publisher, Soldier of Fortune, Capt. Army […]